Patient Testimonials


Superior Care

“All the staff was friendly, courteous and informative at all times during my office visits and hospital stay.

Excellent to superior care! I was always informed of my condition and what procedures would be used to help alleviate my back pain. Everyone was very compassionate.

He was awesome. He answered all my questions. He was very thorough about explaining what I could and could not do after surgery. He explained everything before, during, and after surgery. Very informative, attentive, and paid attention to all of my concerns.

I would most definitely refer Dr. Hermenau to anyone suffering from back pain. I never realized how much pain and discomfort I was in until after my back surgery. I am pain free and have a new lease on life.”

Thank you to all,
– Richard (Yuma, AZ)

Care was Excellent!

“The visits before and after surgery were informative and sufficient that I knew what I was getting myself into. I am glad that I had the treatment that I received. I am free of the pains I had been living with for so long. It was worth having to deal with the post surgery limitations and inconveniences. I highly recommend Dr. Shawn Hermenau to anyone who has back pain.”
– Gabriel (Yuma, AZ)

Very Impressed

“I became Dr. Hermenau’s patient in 2013.

I was very impressed with his staff.

But, most of all, Dr. Hermenau took the time to check everything possible before doing back surgery. He is caring and takes time to explain things to you.

I had back surgery in September of 2013 and everything is fine.

I would recommend Dr. Hermenau and have done so to 4 other friends.”
– Sally (Yuma, AZ)

He Was So Right!

“The staff here seem to know what they are doing. I liked that they seemed very organized
The overall quality of care at Desert Spine was very high.

What I appreciated the most about Dr Hermenau was his patient interaction. In the initial consultation, he explained my condition very clearly to me and was also very clear on what he felt should be done. He was calm and professional and instilled a great deal of confidence in me. I felt safe and well taken care of. I had consults with two other surgeons before him, and I did not feel the same with them.

I went to two other surgeons in Phoenix before consulting with Dr Hermenau. The first surgeon wanted to do the discectomy, shave down the bone and fuse my spine. The second, Laser Spine Institute, recommended microdiscectomy, but with no after surgery care. Dr Hermenau recommended the microdiscectomy telling me it was better to do as little as possible. He was so right. I woke up from surgery feeling about 80% better. The agonizing pain in my left leg was gone. Over the next few months, the residual pain went away. I feel better than ever. Just working on strengthening my core muscles now. Dr Hermenau was a life saver! I have recommended him to several people so far, including strangers because I feel very confident in his abilities.”
– Kat (Yuma, AZ)