Fun Doctor's Bio

Growing up, Dr. Hermenau has always had an interest in medicine and science. As a toddler, he flipped over his plastic hobby horse and cut it open with a knife to see what was inside. This was really his first surgery. He was also fascinated with bones and how they work. At the age of 9, he entered a local science fair and won by completing an exact skeleton to scale of a medium-sized dog.

He enjoyed camping and scouting growing up on the east coast and received his Eagle Scout award by age 15.

At 17 he entered basic training in the Army. He has lived in Louisiana, Hawaii, and Georgia while completing his military service. He served our country for 13 years and ended his service as a Major. He was deployed in Afghanistan from 2005 to 2006. During this time, he was awarded the Bronze Star.

He is an accomplished athlete who has completed 4 full marathons. He learned to dive at a young age and enjoyed doing this hobby while completing his residency in Hawaii. His latest hobby that he has taken up is flying. He currently has his private pilot’s license and is working on the next certification.

Dr. Hermenau has 4 beautiful daughters, Montana, Sierra, Savannah, and Bryn. He enjoys traveling with family and going on ski vacations because we don’t get a lot of snow in the desert.